Slingshot Turkey

Description of Slingshot Turkey Enjoy one of the most realistic physics-based turkey slingshot game. This is a time attack game where you have 60 seconds to catapult your happy turkey to shoot stacked chicken blocks. Your objective is to shoot all the chicken blocks. Some are bull blocks which will block your turkey path. These bull blocks require multiple shots todisintegrate. FEATURES* Realistic physics-based turkey flight* Realistic tower sway and fall* Realistic explosion particles* Shooting trails to help you plan projectile trajectory* Infinite levels.CONTROLSDrag the turkey back and release. The further back you drag the more impulse power you give the turkey. To aim, just drag at an angle to get the trajectory you desire.Download this addictive turkey slingshot game today and blast away at the chickens!

Download APK(8.08MB)

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