Description of Zomerbingel With the Zomerbingel app, your child can repeat the learning contents of the past school year in a fun and instructive way during the summer holidays. Dutch, spelling, mathematics, world orientation, French and current affairs: everything is covered! To log in, use the login details for Zomerbingel. As a parent, you can also indicate which types of questions should be mainly addressed or adjust the level with one click to your child’s Bingel results. Your child can practice independently, but also play a game with one or more family members or friends. This way the app can be used as a family game. You have the choice between the regular and the AR mode (‘augmented reality’). Playful practice fun guaranteed! Each player chooses his own level. There are questions for the oldest toddlers, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6. There is a separate set of questions for adults. The Zomerbingel app contains more than 2,500 questions in total. More information about the Zomerbingel apps from publisher VAN IN can be found at www.zomerbingel.be.

Download APK(121.83MB)

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