Planet Destroyer vs. Apollyon

Description of Planet Destroyer vs. Apollyon Planet Destroyer: Protect Earth is an intense action – adventure brand new free to play game. In this game, you will play as the world's super hero Apollyon, that battles vs the Planet Destroyer – God of Destruction – Erebus a galactic conqueror that loves to devour entire solar systems with his insane powers!★Nonstop Action Game Experience★Space invader Erebus will send towards you HUGE planets like Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and even bigger than the Sun, asteroids with the size of the Moon and mysterious Dark Balls filled with dark matter so powerful that will absorb your energy. Space is your battlefield, and you, the ultimate warrior, are the only one strong enough to stop him, tap tap your screen to gather your inner power and form your energy attacks (Ki strikes) unleash your powerful fighting style and be the hero legend.Choose from an arsenal of destructive or defensive Power ups like Power Boosters, Energy Shields and Freeze Time to eliminate every danger that comes towards Earth's surface!★Epic Battle for Earth's survival ★Join Apollyon in an action epic adventure war beyond any imagination, fight, avenge, grow stronger and faster as the struggle to survive continues and transform to the ultimate super hero that this galaxy needs.Can you make it? Can you awake your true powers and special abilities to finish all 10 chapters and discover the truth about your destiny? An infinitive war versus the ultimate Evil!If you love nonstop action games then this is the best competitive speed tapping and combat game you will ever find in the store!With each Chapter you unlock, your adrenaline will get higher and higher, cause this game level becomes the worlds hardest game ever created! ★Compete with Fighters Worldwide★Become a war machine, rank up at the top spot of the leaderboards, unlock all Achievements and you will have the opportunity to show the world that you are the only legendary hero! Find success in battling opponents that may be friends, foes or players around the world and dominate!All the planet can be your battle arena and you can be the strongest power warrior. Your legacy awaits!★Intense Gameplay, Super Graphics and Sound Effects★Enjoy Epic full HP Graphics, animations and effects that will shock you! Awesome dragon like attack effects, supernova big bang explosions sounds and music, with a lookalike anime character (or manga characters)!★How to Play★By Tapping your screen you form your Special Energy attacks, then you slide to release them and Strike the Planets to destroy them.Various types of attacks (techniques):> Energy ball – ki Blast, a small super fast attack that will do burst damage to the target!> Energy ray – Beam, a super Dragon roar Sound big attack with continuous damage (DBS)! > Hidden Power (special skill) Something well hidden within you, this is still unknown, play and learn the truth about your origin!3 types of Magical Power ups (skills):> Power booster, gather your strength way faster!> Energy Shield, create a sonic wave around the Planet and protect it from Asteroids!> Freeze time. Your ultimate power. Freeze time and all objects!Do you think this is too easy? Then continue playing and experience the true terror of Erebus, as the chapters go on his power level will be stronger and stronger each time!The fighting will be so extreme that your screen won't be able to handle it and to overpower him you will need to advance and get strategic to create your own strategy (from A to Z) of how to play this game and survive in this high speed battle, the possibilities are limitless and its up to you to unleash your true potential!★Features★✔ 10 chapters to complete, plus survival mode bonus games!✔ Leaderboards to compete worldwide!✔ Discover the exciting storyline of fighter Apollyon!✔ Live the adventure and survive in outer space!✔ Challenge yourself and be the ultimate hero!✔ Addictive, time killer, exhilarating and simple but challenging to Play!

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