Dungeon Rpg2

Description of Dungeon Rpg2 Dungeon Rpg: Hero is new!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Blueplane.DungeonrpgDungeonDungeon Rpg 2Hello everyone!Following the last Dungeon Rpg is back with a new package!I love this game gives to thank all those who supported and submitted.I tell the simple Instruction for this game.———————— ———————— Touch joystick -1. a left and right button, you can adjust the direction of the character.2. Left, if you press the attack button with the right button or the jump button is slowly pressed to duplicate.Go ———————— ———————— stage -1. You must press the attack in front of the dungeon door key to enter the dungeon.2. Entry is possible Dungeon blue light comes on.3. The next stage moves in the dungeon will go beyond the right side and remove all the monsters that touches the portal.———————— ———————— Cumulative experience -1. Experience is an increase in the level increases when you achieve a certain amount.2. The higher the level is increased, the amount should acquire experience.Please play fun!Suggestions or bugs can tipThe multigeal@naver.com!

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