Chicas Nuevas 24 Horas: Happy

Description of Chicas Nuevas 24 Horas: Happy Happy lives in Nigeria, in the middle of Benin City. His life goes by quite normally until his father, a farmer, falls ill. Then she must take charge of supporting her family. For this, he has no choice but to take a trip to Spain looking for the opportunities that a friend of his mother can offer him. Here begins your adventure … The journey from your country to Spain, with all the dangers that this implies, as well as the reality that hits it when arriving at the European coasts, turn Happy's dream into a real nightmare. He will know pain and humiliation closely, but he will not stop until he regains his longed for freedom and dignity. Above all, to prevent someone else in her family from suffering what she has experienced. Join Happy in this adventure and get to know his first-person experience. Help him solve a series of riddles and situations so he can escape from his neon cell. It depends on you that she gets it. Unfortunately, this is a story that is repeated day by day with different faces, different nationalities, but with a common thread: the exploitation of girls and women as if it were a commodity, a consumer good. And you are the only person who can help us avoid it. You have never participated in such a game! It is the first time you have in your hand a real story told in mobile video game format, which will take you to the roots of an international crime, which is nothing more than a violation of human rights: trafficking in persons.

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