SIRIUS a happy star

Description of SIRIUS a happy star Among this adventure and help this little star return to heaven.In this game you will venture with a beautiful 3D graphics, get crystals to exchange for items, various stages to enjoy hours of play.- Game with lots of actionGoing through platforms suspended in the air, a great challenge, killing enemies until you reach a hurricane.- A good controlUsing a joystick control that will facilitate the movement.- Great phasesDifferent stages in each level a new challenging obstacle.- High interactivity with landscapesSome platforms will plummet to their weight, trampolines will be assisting you to go higher and higher.- View in the third personCamera positioned for better visibility, following the classic gaming consoles.- Additional accessoriesWith crystals acquired in stages you can buy clothes, accessories and utensils, leaving its more elegant star.

Download APK(29.72MB)

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