Mystery of the Lost Voice

Description of Mystery of the Lost Voice "Detective Nemo in: The Mystery of the Lost Voice" is a game that focuses on familiarizing children (9 and above) with the physical space of a theatre and the professionals involved in theatre productions. This app is a preview (chapters 1-3) of the full game that will be released in future that will cover the whole mystery. Our little hero, Nemo is an investigator and is about to embark on his greatest adventure yet. Late at night he receives a call that will start his adventure to explore the OCC building in Athens and uncover how the theatre’s leading star has had her voice stolen. •Follow Nemo attempting to find a solution to the mystery. •Search areas for clues, picking up items to help solve the case •Solve puzzles to access new areas and discover new details •Meet a range of intriguing characters, choose questions wisely to uncover more information and form your idea of who is responsible for the theft This curious OCC building walk engages the user in an interactive game of exploring artistic productions and the performing arts. The game suggests an experiential approach for learning contemporary creation and art through and interactive narrative.

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