Military Helicopter War Fight

Description of Military Helicopter War Fight Are you ready to play intense hardcore action? Fly over warfield in Comanche helicopter and destroy enemy hideouts, tanks and aircrafts with bombs in Military Helicopter War Fight game. Engage military ground staff in this operation against terrorists. Carry out air strikes in disputed territorium.Situation is fierce at international borders and city streets are filled with chaos. Take control of your helicopter chopper and fly over battle arena and enemy base camps. Enemy has stored huge deposits of nuclear warheads and some big army trucks, tanks and tomcat aircraft parked in hanger. As expert aviator of Comanche helicopter, attack enemy troops and destroy their fighter jets, gunship helicopters, and other heavy artillery vehicles. Rise as exemplary heli heroes in this intense air combat.Your enemy is no ordinary commando, it is powerful modern army with military helicopters, f18 fighter jets and a huge airliner infrastructure. Your missions include fight with armed forces, gunship helicopters, and fighter planes. Your objectives are to destroy army tanks, missile truck, oil tanker and hidden bunkers with heavy bombardment. After a successful mission fly back to your base camp and land on helipad.Coolest Features:10 extremely intense and challenging warfield missionsDifferent battle zones to attack and destroy nuclear warheadAll kinds of army vehicles like missile trucks, high speed tanksAmazing open world battle arena with realistic war zone environmentMultiple inner and outer camera views with awesome cockpit viewSmooth on-screen controls for amazing flying and firing experienceExtraordinary detailed interior and real life 3D graphicsDownload Military Helicopter War Fight 3D simulator game right now and enjoy loads of army combat action on your smartphones.

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