Climbing Moto: Hill Race

Description of Climbing Moto: Hill Race Climbing Moto Hill Race is an amazing racing game, challenging and daring.About the game: Ride your Moto and go on the climb hill race, go through this adventure in the different maps and weathers. The road will be harder with as you advance in levels, so improve your skills to reach the distination without falling off your Moto to win the grand climb hill race.Watch out, the road is tricky and has obstacles so your advanced Moto has a super power to jump right and left using the buttons on the right of the screen so make sure you put them to good use to finish your climb hill race.Features: Moto Climb: Hill Race contains great features and wonderful design, simple and nice visuals and amazing audio effects.It has a nice and easy game play but hard to master.Move using the break and the acceleration buttons, they are located on the right bottom side of the screen. Move forward with your Moto using the one to the right. The break button is the one to the left and it can serve as a rear button too so if you find an obstacle and need to go back push it.The buttons on the other side help you jump with the Moto; Left will raise the front wheel and right is for the rear wheel. Be careful on the road and good luck on the climb hill race!7fb5c247ed

Download APK(13.27MB)

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