Space Hunter Pokem

Description of Space Hunter Pokem Pokem Space Hunter is a 2D game for all ages with a good logical thinking and for your leisure.move, going to help your character to have all fruit! Guard absolute control through the touch controls extremely simple and intuitive.You can even outrun your friends while you progress in the jungle! With the full integration of the Game Services, the distance traveled by your friends automatically appear in your game.Compare your records and unlocks success while improving your playing style.Get ready for a renewed pleasure thanks to an incredibly dynamic game engine.The levels are designed randomly, each party will mean new challenge!Gets the most possible fruits to fill your gauge corners. Use corners to unlock new paths that will lead you into the depths of your games.Discover secrets and unlock bonuses to make the most of the game.Characteristics :- Compatible with the HD screen- Ride animals- Touch controls requiring only one finger- Loading of the game in 60 seconds and go!

Download APK(25.15MB)

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