Best Pokemon

Description of Best Pokemon Find the best Pokemons to fight Pokemon Go Gym battles. Do you want to win Pokemon Go gym battles? Then install Best Pokemon app to find the best Pokemons to fight the Pokemons defending a gym. There is a big trick to win a Pokemon Gym battle, which is to choose the right Pokemons to fight against the Pokemons defending the gyms. Remembering Pokemon type chart is quite challenging and with dual type Pokemons it becomes very hard to guess which Pokemon is ideal against a guarding Pokemon.This app will find you the best Pokemons to fight the Pokemons in a Gym. Just search by Name, Number or Type of the pokemon in the gym and then click the Pokemon to see the best and very effective Pokemons to fight against the selected Pokemon. Also includes basic Pokemon stat information like Combat Power (CP) , Hit Points (CP), Catch Rate, Flee Rate, Type effectiveness, weaknesses etc . Best Pokemon is light-weight simple and easy to use app that does not require special permissions. Get the app , win the gym and enjoy!! ### DISCLAIMER ###All characters, images and descriptions are copyright and or trademarked to their respective owners. Usage for this application falls within fair use guidelines.

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