Rollie Roller

Description of Rollie Roller Help Rollie roll his way through the jungle. Play by tilting your device and drawing ropes "bridge lines" to navigate the ball to freedom. Simply draw lines with your finger, and use physics by tilting your device. You will be the one to determine the course the ball takes and the speed it travels through the jungle. Sound easy? Think again! Master this challenging and addictive concept of tilting and drawing while not perishing from the tricky obstacles such as floating tiki heads, protruding spikes, man-eating plants, as well as not allowing the ball to drop into an abyss. Collect every coin and gain access to all the power-ups such as the tiny jungle ball or feather weight jungle ball to enhance the jungle adventure. Features:✓ High Definition Graphics✓ Enemy AI✓ All characters and worlds are unlocked✓ Groovy Sounds✓ Power Ups✓ 10+ Challenging Levels✓ Gameplay for both kids and adults✓ Hours of addicting fun✓ Exciting casual adventure

Download APK(45.04MB)

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