Rocket Ralph

Description of Rocket Ralph Ralph has found his dad's prototype jet-pack and decided to take it for a spin. The jet-pack settings are now stuck and Ralph is now speeding through the atmosphere. Help Ralph guide his way through the clouds by avoiding some not-so happy birds, white clouds, and the dangerous dark clouds. Tilt your phone to guide Ralph left and right. Avoid the obstacles: White clouds are able to be flown through but will diminish fuel. Dark clouds are a death trap and will blow up the jet-pack upon impact. Birds are also extremely dangerous and will take you out the sky. All clouds have some soft spots on the edges. You can touch them, but don't get too close!!You get 5 fuel tanks of life. White clouds will diminish 1 fuel tank. Other obstacles will diminish all fuel. Use the boost by tapping or pressing the screen. Boost can be useful to get out of tight jams. Successfully passing through each level of clouds will add a point to your score. Try to see how high your score can go!!BONUS POINTS – If you successfully pass through 5 continuous cloud levels while the boost is enabled, you will receive 5 extra bonus points to your score!!Be aware of the upcoming obstacles. Ralph has 5 fuel tanks for a reason… some sacrifices must be made to continue this crazy ride. This game has two difficulty options. "Easy" and "Hard". You can change your game settings in the options menu and your score will be compared to the existing score you have for each difficulty setting.Compare your score on the leaderboards with against others.

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