Rescue of People

Description of Rescue of People Ready to enter in one of the most fun and entertaining adventures of all time? If so, prepare to be a brave man and live the extreme adrenaline. It has come to the screens one of the best games of rescue where you'll live the experience of being a real savior. With this application you can pilot your own helicopter without a license and you will travel through all kinds of breathtaking landscapes.Here you will enjoy a completely real flight simulator in which you will perform works of the utmost urgency driving huge planes and saving people about to die. A huge ship has been stopped in the middle of the ocean, the turbines have been blocked because of a collision with a rock and within hours the ship and all the boat will sink if you do nothing to stop it. Will you be bold enough to appear on the scene to make the release in time and properly? If you're ready, do not hesitate, get all your necessary weapons, inspect your aircraft, refuel with the proper gasoline to not stay stuck in a serious moment, check the weather, get on the plane and rise in search of people in need. You must be very fast and agile to manifest in the area before they die, try to find out the exact place and release of that suffering.Take high to the air and follow the rules of survival to attend the incident, be very carefully, because the wind and rain will not make it easy for you to get to the right spot, try not to crash into any obstacle and present yourself safe. Show that you are a great hero and that you are not afraid of anything, choose your favorite airplane and get to fly because the crowd is waiting, good luck!

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