Wood Striker

Description of Wood Striker Tired of school, college or work? You can quickly cheer yourself up using the Wood Striker Game. The best way to relax and enjoy…!!!This bird has got a new job. She has to cut as much wood as he can. He has strong beak to strike. She knows where to find lots of wood. There are lots of wood in the forest. But this bird has to be aware about the dangers in cutting the wood. There are many dangers in path of her and the wood.He strikes on the tree and smashes wood. Bird strikes trees one by one and smashes it into pieces. The bird strikes the lowest part and smashes that into pieces. Then the upper wood falls down and she strike that again and smash that too. This game keeps going on like this. But be aware!!! It’s not as easy as it seems. These trees have lethal dangers also. These dangers could kill the bird at once. There are two lethal hazards for the wood striker.First is time. Yes, the time is draining. You should keep striking and smashing wood one by one. Don’t stop, don’t rest. Just keep hitting and smashing because time is draining. If you stop, the time will drain out and the striker bird, dies!!! So keep cutting the wood and earn more time. If you keep striking the wood, you will earn more time for you. Second hazard is lethal tree branches. These trees are not alone. They have dangerous and lethal branches. When the lower portion is destroyed the upper one falls down, and with this falls the dangerous branches too. This can hit the bird and kill her instantly. So always keep an eye on the lethal tree branches.Turn into the craziest bird in history smashing wood and recharging your energy. With striker bird, try to strike and smash the trees with your powerful axe, while you avoid the dangerous branches coming in your path. Are you willing to drill nonstop in a race against time using coordination and speed? Then you might have what it takes to become the craziest wood striker.GAME FEATURES♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character♦ Cute & Nice Environment♦ Sweet Background Music♦ Nice Sound Effects♦ Engaging And Challenging Gameplay

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