Surprise Egg lost catching kids game 2017

Description of Surprise Egg lost catching kids game 2017 Game is all about to hit the ball from gun and ball should hit the birds and eggs to collide them. You have to hit the ball either egg or bird otherwise ball will be lost and birds will be angry. If you meet the required criteria than level will complete.We use gun to hit the birds and eggs in order to collide them. Gun is attached by a chain and is adjustable. You have different functions of the game like you can reduce or boost the power of the gun and balls fired from gun, should hit the egg or bird otherwise the birds will angry for not getting their eggs. No matter you are hitting eggs or birds because the purpose is just collision of eggs and birds. You can also adjust your gun and its shooting range.Moreover, you have different colors of eggs and birds and may have different obstacles in different levels. Every level has its own complexity. Some level use walking bridges which is capable to carry a pig or eggs from one place to another. You should also be very attentive while playing the game because every situation has its own demand and you have to fulfill it. Sometimes it’s difficult to hit the bird or egg but you have some different options like fan, you can simply on/off the fan button and can collide the both birds and eggs. Different levels have different scenes. Hurdles come in higher level of the game like bridges, boxes and many more and charm is to find a unique way of collision. Sometimes timing is also very important because if you hit the egg or bird in a bad manner than it may drop out from scene and you will lose the game. Okay!! Planning is also essential because if you will play unfaithful shot than you will be stuck and you may lose your time so it looks simple but not as simple as it looks. Hitting the ball is an initial stage and is important to preplan that how fast should hit the ball? Because if you hit the ball really hard than it may go out of the scene and result will be negative. Completion of level occurs when you achieved the target of collision. Now you can complete different levels of the game and enjoy! If you are talking about the graphics of the game than I must say its mind blowing!! Scene is just perfect , different colors used in this game makes man refreshing like green trees, red mountains, sunlight, natural day and grass seems perfect. Each and every moment of this game is designed by professionals and experts. Music used in this game is really fascinating. The timing, scenes and view are just perfect and best game to spend your time in a pleasure way. Now enjoy these natural scenes of lost eggs and have fun :)How to play?-Firstly tap to hold the gun!-you should adjust the positioning of gun.-You have to adjust the power of gun.-you have to adjust the direction of gun. -You should hit the ball according to required direction.-Range, Location should be measured correctly to throw the ball towards birds and the eggs. -For moving birds and eggs in to air you have to switch on the fan button.-For opening gate you should hit the bird or egg in to the button. -Bridge crossing could be possible to hit the button of bridge in order to activate them.-White bird should hit the white egg and yellow one should hit the yellow egg.Features:-Play in a challenging environment with dozens of objectives to complete.-There is multiple numbers of levels in the game.- Each level contains 3 stages.- You are not required to complete initial level to go for next level.- You have to complete each stage for completion of level.- High scores may lead you to the victory.-Designed by real-world intelligent experts for full authenticity.Note: This game is free and is supported by Ads within the apps as per Google's policy. Please don't forget to rate and share this game (Lost eggs).please like our page on Facebook: us on twitter:

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