Scratch Ghost

Description of Scratch Ghost Bizarre and spooky ghosts!Various ghosts are hiding everywhere!Boo!Here is a very exciting and unique lottery. That is a ghost lottery!Scratch carefully……and boo! It’s a scary ghost! Hurry, catch it before it gets away!Once caught, send them to the ghost prison! Even the bars can’t stop these crazy ghosts. Watch them trying to escape by drilling and sawing the bar when they get their hands on the tools. They even throw their own spooky funky dance parties!Time just flies when you are having fun with the ghosts! Surely theses various ghost with its own uniqueness will possess your hearts. Collect them all with “Scratch Ghost”! [Features]-Realistic “Scratch Ghost” actions-A thrilling suspense! -Numbers of unique, spooky Halloween ghosts! -Crazy animation effects -Exciting game play to hunt and catch the ghosts-A mystery prison to collect the ghosts once they get caught-Fun to observe ghosts’ daily lives—eat, sleep, work out, and more! -Spooky funky dance party with strobe light! -Continuously added new ghosts -No data needed-Ad free

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