Galaxy Hero Iron Fist Arcade

Description of Galaxy Hero Iron Fist Arcade Do you love space adventure? Do want to explore the outer space and take part in galaxy wars? If you do, try Galaxy Hero Iron Fist Arcade! This is a FREE classic arcade game where you play as a space man trying to find his way back to his spaceship. Collect coins and avoid obstacles such as asteroids. This is a fast-paced and thrilling space adventure game. Keep playing and collect the highest score possible!Galaxy Hero Iron Fist Arcade tells a story about a space man looking to find his way back to his spaceship. The journey is not easy of course. He must go through places where alien war and galaxy war are raging. There are also so many dangers lurking in the shadow such as asteroids. Hitting the alien spaceships and the asteroids will mean instant death. Unless you use your Shield of course! Collect as main coins as possible. Use Magnets to draw the coins to you. You can use your coins to purchase more Shields to protect you from the alien war ships and dangers. ===========================================TOP FEATURES OF GALAXY HERO IRON FIST ARCADE: ===========================================•Download and play this classic arcade game for FREE!•Endless space adventure: play as long as you can stay alive.•Classic arcade background and graphic that depicts the outer space and galaxy war. •Easy control: tap the Up and Back button to control your space man.•Various dangers and obstacles such as alien war ships and asteroids.•Collect as many coins as possible.•Boosts: use Shield to protect you from danger and use Magnets to draw coins to you.•… and many more excitement!It takes a good hand eye coordination and timing to succeed at this classic arcade game. If you fail the first few tries, don’t give up! Keep practicing and playing. You will be able to master this game in no time. —If you enjoy playing Galaxy Hero Iron Fist Arcade, please take your time to leave a rating and review for us. It will be much appreciated!

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