Train Attack Simulator 2017

Description of Train Attack Simulator 2017 Train Attack Simulator is a brand new addition in Action Train Games. Its first of its kind hybrid game that has shooting and train simulation both. It’s time to gear up your sniper rifle. Take a deep breath and then hold it, Set your gun aim, feel the blood pumping in your veins and pull the trigger to kill the terrorists attacked over the different Train Stations.Your Objective is to clear the stations and secure the random public from getting hurt or killed. Large number of terrorists have Attacked the city train stations. They work for rebellious group of dangerous assassins, chasing the Train to station to station. You are the last hope for those civilians on the Train. Be the ultimate warrior in this hostile situation where the terrorist organization attacks on the railway track, their Mission is to hijack the Train and capture the civilians. They’re highly trained terrorists who were engaged in taking innocent people as hostage in the past as well.Join the epic Battle between military and global terrorist groups. Eliminate this group of terrorists with your Military Grade Sniper Rifle. Practice the excitement of being in a highly confidential Sniping Mission and Assassinate whi are trying to hijack the Euro Train and its linked Stations. In Train Attack Simulator your target is to save the Train and its all passenger train, shoot the criminals and don’t let anyone escape. You have to make sure all terrorists are killed, no hostage remain. If any civilian is shot, your rescue mission would be failed. Use your shooting expertise, to clear the Enemy wave. Enter into guerrilla war ambush terrorist convoy armed with machine gun and Gatling.Train Under Attack 2017 Game Features:•Multiple Environments i.e Like Winter City, Underground Stations•Fantastic animations, realistic sound effects and HD Graphics•Innovative characters and skill development system•Multiple Deadly Shooter Challenging Mission•Macho devices to use against the Enemy Groups•Multiple thrilling and challenging Rescue Missions.•Realistic train station and Realistic Environment•Smooth touch controls for best first person shooting experience•Amazing head-shot kill animations and detailed 3D graphicsBe aware, these terrorist can get in to the moving Train. Focus your target carefully, pull the trigger slowly and show off your super sniping skills that will blow enemy heads. Kill all the terrorists before the train gets hijacked.Experience the thrill of being in a highly classified Sniping Mission and assassinate the enemies with your sniper kill shot!Download Euro Train Attack Simulator and Play It Free for Critical Rescue Missions, 3D action game for intense combat missions and terrorist shooting on moving cars. Many innocent lives depend upon your snipping skills so don’t fail those expectations.

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