Vector Invaders (Landscape Space Shooter)

Description of Vector Invaders (Landscape Space Shooter) Vector Invaders from space are attacking the base, fire on alien intruders with your laser weapons and shield defenses in this FREE retro vector space shooter. Defeat the attacking galactic hordes.Get your classic invaders gaming fix with this retro inspired arcade space shooter. Using the look of the best vector based arcade classics on CRT cabinet screens.New: Enjoy this Landscape edition of our popular alien space shooter, created especially for people that prefer landscape mode games. Portrait mode fans should install our original version.Shoot the ghostly invaders ships as they attack with lasers and bombs in our new fun spooky overlaysHalloween edition overlay!1950s B-Movie overlayGreen screen overlayFeatures:★ Fun! Halloween, B-movie, Green screen Overlays (Optional) – Just like the Vec trex Console★ Global High Score table – For Fun! Use your Twitter id in score table :)★ Two control modes Buttons or Drag (tapping upper part of screen to fire)★ Button control options★ Gamepad controller support! For some pads you may need to press up direction to fire (use USB with OTG cable)★ CRT scanline effects★ Dark Mode option★ Bombs dropped by the space aliens★ Shots at various speeds / Mystery space ship bonus★ Invaders space ships advance faster on later levelsCheck out our other retro space shooter titles like Galaxy Storm and Solar Rush too!Gamepad supportedNB: Not all gamepads will work, if firing issues then try fire with up on control pad. Non-analogue pads preferred. Not Xbox controller compatible.

Download APK(5.29MB)

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