Dinosaur Hunter : Carnotauro

Description of Dinosaur Hunter : Carnotauro A helicopter has crashed on the "Dinosaur Island." Your mission, if you decide to accept it, will be the search for a survivor. The island is full of the most carnivorous, voracious and intelligent dinosaurs, who will not hesitate if they see you prick their teeth. You will have while you are playing from a direct access to the most destructive weaponry you can imagine. So, collect all the coins you can. In the start menu is the store, which is full of different types of weapons with their respective soldiers (shotgun, pistol, katana, …) and never seen before in any videogame the ARK Dinosaur. After completing levels, you will see how your rank and reward will increase. You have a pause button and if you feel like finishing your game then there is a save button. You can return to your game from the menu continue, that fast and easy. To what level will you be able to arrive or will you die in the clutches of a dinosaur? Dare to try it.

Download APK(72.31MB)

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