Tanks Hero Block Wars

Description of Tanks Hero Block Wars The city of blocks is become a war zone as the battle is started between two forces due to their ex girlfriend. They want it back at any cost. This is a drawing action between ban tank. So you being a captain of your force is called for duty in this war of age. Prove yourself a cannon hero in this block match .Tank Hit is your basic target being a cannon hero. You have to followed many official strategy which are general to you and destroy the iron tank force. Your main target should to ruin them and get back your ex girlfriend. Though this war of age is system bet calculator for you. But you have to follow the time limit and force which is given to you in this shoot tank game. We created this blocky tank game that combines block wars and wear gamez. You play as an experienced battle commander and controller answering his call of duty to defend the country against the invaders. If you are lover of wear gamez then this is the great for you what you have to do is just kill the enemies with the help of bullets and enjoy this multiplayer tank game. And the interesting thing about it is that it is a block wars. Tanks are blocky the word is block and you will enjoy this mini tank official. It is a high time to begin the battle and test your super killing skills. Dangerous time lies ahead. Commando! So prepare yourself for the time of game ban tank. Your enemies are very dangerous they want to ruin you but there is no need to worry as you are the best commander of your team and your blocky tanks are full of oiling and armored with essential weapons.You are on the mission to defeat your enemies in this shoot tank. Do it in the best possible way and enjoy this cool game. Download this block match for FREE now! This tanks battle is an addictive epic battlefield mission. If you love blocky, this is perfect for you to hit tanks. Enjoy the ultimate action packed where you are given the chance to prove your strategy, shooting and survival skills with the help of block wars. Fight to win against other cube tanks in the war zone. Shoot missiles to destroy your enemies in the battlefield and do not let them shoot you first. Your main target is to attack them first and kill them all. There is no need to wait for their attack. Features: ★ You can Play this Battlefield Mission War Game for FREE ★ Addictive Tank Battle ★ Cool Game, Stunning Graphic and Sound ★ Simple Gameplay and Control ★ Unlock New Shoot Tanks ★ Various Interesting Levels of Iron Tank Force So are you ready to take your army tank into the battlefield? It is time for extreme survival test. Don not let the enemy tanks intimidate you. You have tanked your enemies in the past and you can do it again! Just ready for attack! Remember survival is necessary!Rate us and give feedback as your comments are valuable for us!What you are waiting for?Download this new game created by Sablo Games and protect your city land and enjoy a life of war of age! Be a canon hero in this tanks battle.

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