Description of Skip Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter;; This game is really hard and can cause nervous breakdown. If so, we advise you to put down your smartphone and get a life instead of playing stupid games like this. Other side effects may include yelling, smashing your smartphone, and spending money on getting a new one in order to download the game again and smash your new smartphone.We wish you all the best in trying to finish this game, but trust us… YOU WON'T!Super Mega Top Secret Eyes Only File —————– Project 2419 or simply Skip——————— Property of Cronolith CorporationSkip is the latest bio-weapon created by our very smart scientists. All of the previous bio-weapons were big and scary and were unable to approach the targets. Skip is a cute pet that crawls into your home and heart, makes you feed him and pet him, and then attacks you ferociously. It is a perfect bio-weapon that will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.Error report; It seems Skip doesn't want to attack any people. All he wants to do is eat and cuddle all day long. It is now on the run. Soldiers, to arms!HOW TO PLAY;- hold the screen to stop- release the screen to go- avoid bulletsCREDITS;SPRITES;Artist;; CC0 –;————————————————————————————————————————————————Artist;; CC-BY 3.0 – 3.0 –;————————————————————————————————————————————————MUSIC;Author; Kevin MacLeod –; CC-BY 3.0 –;

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