Cameraman girls Zombie

Description of Cameraman girls Zombie You work for a large chain information as a journalist reporter you venture on the ground in search of a scoop that would make one of the evening news all newspapersSo your mission is realized that the best picture is clichez of zombie you will be paying closer to the action.It's zombie are harmless supplement you may not only we do not know fully the risk of contagion is why it is you advise against touch of the more their reaction is unpredictable it can found their animal instinct any time demonstrate a rage and ferocity.Security advice:-the classic does not offer their food after midnight at risk caused a surprise!-Attention To the one that looks like a boucheron ca with ax on the head iThe history of this Cameraman Zombie Girl set in a small Texas town south of the united states of America the Mexican border gas plant explode releasing a toxic cloud of steam in neighboring citiesthe few surviving one start having weird side effect the president give the order in person to cordon off the area and put the quarantined city to contain the panic in the country has prohibited the presence of journalists. Arm of a camera you will do everything to take images at the ready.Cameraman Zombie Girl offers a childish horror movies atmosphere 80 years more comical than anything elsea clean and pleasant style play. perfect for what we want to walk in this zombie environmentThe poo and play team and happy to share with you this new simple concept that is to make zombie selfie and share them with friends is all 🙂 it's simple and fun if you like yours called us Thank supports means a lot to us.

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