Captain Skyrunner

Description of Captain Skyrunner The President has been kidnapped by Ninjas. It is your responsibility to fly behind enemy lines and retrieve the president. We don’t know exactly where the President is being kept. We have reports of a secret desert base, a river hideout, a jungle camp, or he could be kept on a space station for all we know. Features: – Challenging Game Play – Multiple Dangerous Missions – Randomly Generated Levels – Isometric Perspective – Hidden Power-Ups to Unlock – Dozens of Unlock-able Planes – Up-gradable Planes Credits: – Game Design: Steven Splint – Programmed By: Steven Splint – Additional Programming: Ryan Cooper – Vocals By: Aaron Sokolowski – Music and Sound Effects By: Joel Steudler – Additional Sound Effects: – Andrea Baroni – Steven Splint Pixel Art By (In Alphabetical Order): – CrywolfeArt – David Sokolowski – Diconcilio – Diego Rago (diegoragoart) – Emre Gökçe Çimen – Laro Saiz Velez (larkkkattack) – Luiggi Hidalgo (whoisluiggi) – Nikita Hubskii – RunWTheWolves – Steven Splint – YumyKon

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