Bubble Girl – Frozen Rain

Description of Bubble Girl – Frozen Rain A strange world exists where travel is by bubbles. Go deep within dark caves or float along the bright sky. Your journey awaits you!Can you survive the bouncing ride? Choose wisely your character and see how far you can float. Navigate through the maze but avoid strange creatures. Some of them cause harm! Collect coins to unlock new characters and new worlds and challenges. Exciting fun and challenging.HOW TO PLAY:Tilt the device in any direction and watch how the Bubble Girl interacts. Rise up, sink back down, go forward, even backwards. Collect coins to unlock new characters and new worlds. -Amazing Graphics-Cool Sounds-Fun CharactersChallenge Your Friends for Highest Score! EXCITING FUN!! Download ‘Bubble Girls’ now and have some fun.

Download APK(28.49MB)

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