Cold Winter Island Survival

Description of Cold Winter Island Survival Welcome to the harsh climate of Canada! You are here to survive and find out what has happened, so do your best, be really careful and recall everything totally with Cold Winter Island Survival game!Who are you? How did you get there? You can’t remember absolutely anything! You may feel only extreme cold and nothing else! Hurry up and find some warm clothes, if you are not going to die! What can you see now? There is nothing but snow and ice around. But, wait! Is it a Canadian flag? Oh, something… It’s a bit like something you’ve seen before! Explore this wild and brutal place, because you really must remember everything!Quarry different resources to craft all necessary tools and weapons! Find the forest to make your own shelter and hide yourself, because something really terrible is coming! Be afraid of every cruel predator, fight with it if only you feel that you’re ready for the fight! Master your survival skills to the perfection with Cold Winter Island Survival!Look for little special hints – the pieces of paper with strange information, which can exactly return your lost memory! If you’ll find them all, you’ll experience the strongest feel of your life – the feel of information! It’s the mission of your life! So craft a gun, train your battling skills and get ready for the fight against this cruel place itself!Earn points for successfully completed challenges and buy new kinds of powerful weapons or warmer clothes! Don’t forget to mind such personal indicators as cold or hunger – if one of them drops, you’ll find yourself with one foot in the grave! Be ready for hunting and setting fires, survive as long as possible and discover all the secrets of this harsh and awful place!Cold Winter Island Survival features:•Ultimate cold winter survival simulator•Interesting and mysterious story to discover•Fantastic craft system•Opportunity to hunt and make a shelter•Amazing 3D graphicsFind out, who you are and how did you get there, watch for hints, gather, hunt and do everything possible to survive with Cold Winter Island Survival!

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