Justice Bear: Equinox

Description of Justice Bear: Equinox While Bearnard and his family are enjoying the Spring Festival, the peaceful village of Amber Town is suddenly invaded by an unknown army. With just seconds to react, young Bearnard decides to draw their attention to give time to his family to hide. Help him cross the town while it's reduced to ashes, avoiding bombs and debris, and jumping across broken streets and fire pits.Features:★ Tap and jump, that's all. Easy controls to enjoy fast paced action.★ Power ups to help you avoid the void.★ Slow motion when you barely make it (or not…).★ Unlock adorable characters based in Bruno Cardoso's stories and Tsubaki's artwork (and try their different gameplays! For example, Kumaki is not attacked by planes and gets more coins, while Justice Bear doesn't need rockets to double jump).★ Enjoy the colourful and picturesque Amber Town… no time for pictures though. It has seen better times, anyway.★ Google Play Games: sign in to earn achievements and compare scores in the leaderboards.★ Dancing bears! (If you find them.)★ 8-bit and Xmas modes.? Arabic (ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ), Català, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Galego, Íslenska, Italiano, Português.- – – – -This game uses Google Play Services, Unity Ads and Unity Analytics. In order for them to work properly, one of the permissions asked is full access to the network.For more info, you can find our Privacy Policy here: justicebear.com/equinox/privacy.htmlJustice Bear, its characters and story are property of Bruno Cardoso. All rights reserved.

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