Gangster City:War Crimes

Description of Gangster City:War Crimes GANGSTER CITY WAR CRIMESThe city is under attack of the currupt Gangsters who just want to terrorise and take over. They are equipped with heavy duty machine guns, rpg,s, missiles and many weapons of modern era. The city is in need of a Hero who can shoot every single one of the criminals dead. Those bad guys think that there is no such thing as Law that can stop them. They are free roaming through the city in Tanks and highly equipped with heavy weapons. Well they are not alone you too have been given machine guns and a big ass tank to take those criminals, tanks and helicopters Down!!!. This mission is a hell lot of crazy because your the only one standing in the way of those criminals having a stronghold all over the city. Neutralize the no go areas and clear it for terrorized innocent public. Gangster city war crimes is an amazing game which will give you the proper scenario of a city war. Good Luck and start Dominating.**Modern Features***Unlimited challenging missions*Real Crime city 3d environment*Best sound effects*Drive the tank*Use the RPG to shot down helicopters*Cool animations

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