Wailing Citadel

Description of Wailing Citadel The world is filled with ghost stories. This is just another.Lord Blackburne forbade his daughter to marry an Elf. But the pair wed secretly inside this abandoned citadel. Blackburne was tipped off. His Bloodguard stormed the citadel, overrun with celebrating Elves. Blackburne ordered every one of them dead. The Elves regrouped to hit back but Bloodguard they slew became WitchBorn and the carnage multiplied. In a rage, Blackburne struck the groom but the errant blow fatally wounded his daughter, too. The only survivor had seen the bride wrap a great treasure in a quilt she sewed. And of course, the groom intended to shower gifts of silver on his bride. The citadel lay deserted now. Claim those lost wedding gifts—but beware—the Wailing Citadel is haunted by WitchBorn Paladins, Elven Shades, and Blackburne’s weeping ghost.The WitchBorn® is a campaign-based miniatures game with the kind of rich storytelling usually only found in roleplaying games. The app reveals random discoveries detailing what your warriors see and hear. No foray into the Wailing Citadel is ever the same. Get notes and stats for every odd character you meet, from Shades of the dead Elven celebrants to adorable but tortured Pixies bent on revenge. Hopefully you don’t scare easily!Visit www.witchborn.com to find our engaging rules, beautiful battlemaps, and to build your own war clans.
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