Ice Pick

Description of Ice Pick Only the strongest will conquer the mountain!In the new arcade platformer Ice Pick, your task is to conquer the highest mountain on Earth. On your way you will encounter not only stones and ice: wild animals, wind will block your way! Many surprises await you on the mountain.Climbing the mountain is not easy: Ice Pick is a difficult game, only the most persistent can handle it. And there is also a very unusual gameplay — you have never played such an arcade game before.Features:1. Hardcore gameplay. Only the most stubborn will be able to master the Ice Pick, despite the fact that the game is controlled with just one finger.2. Lots of skins. Unlock new skins – they not only change the appearance of the main character, but also change his animations.3. Unusual gameplay. The game is controlled with just one finger, but at the same time it perfectly conveys all the tension from climbing. You have to feel this yourself.

Download APK(19.52MB)

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