Wicked Animals In Lost World

Description of Wicked Animals In Lost World The family car lies in shambles in the yard. The house and bedrooms are messed up and ruined. Chaos on the streets, abandoned buses and cars. What kind of creature could have done this? Definitely not a human. Is it a zombie invasion? Or another creature entirely?THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS…Play this hidden objects puzzle game! Piece together this mystery to solve this creepy horror case! Satisfy the adventurer inside you… Begin now!Product Features:- 20 stunning levels to play and beat!- Tons of unique objects to find in each level.- 3 awesome gaming modes to challenge your skills: Traditional, Timed Challenge, and Super Blitz.- 3 different search modes to play on each level:1. Pictures! – For the visual explorers2. Silhouettes! – Challenging Silhouettes and Shadows3. Traditional! – We give you a word, you find the object!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play.- Choose a game mode and a search mode to play.- Look carefully to find all the hidden objects in each level.- Beat all the levels to prove your hidden object skills!

Download APK(34.27MB)

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